Let your invitees be a part of the royal feast with our wedding caterers in Kolkata

wedding caterer in kolkata

A quintessential part of a wedding ceremony includes, the way the guests are welcomed and treated with. At Progressive Caterer, our team of wedding caterers in Kolkata always ensure that your invitees are attended properly and fed well. 

Be the good host with our wedding catering services in Kolkata

Hosting a wedding ceremony involves attending a lot of guests to take good care of them. And while managing all the ritualistic events of a wedding eve, not always is it possible to keep an eye on the dinner table. At Progressive Caterers, our wedding catering services in Kolkata takes all the effort to attend and let your guests enjoy the grand dinner arranged on the auspicious occasion.

What makes our wedding catering services exclusive?

At Progressive Caterer, we are a credible brand of wedding catering services in Kolkata to depend upon. True is the fact that there are several catering services in Kolkata for marriage ceremonies. But it is unwise at the same time to randomly select one without doing a proper background research.
Progressive Caterer is driven by the mission to mark your grand event by adding an all new dimension, to its grandeur and pomp. The key features that make our wedding catering services in Kolkata as exclusive, can be briefed as:

  • Affordable rates and packages
  • Well behaved staff with strong etiquette
  • Handpicked exclusive chef
  • Strong sense of hospitality
  • Variety of cuisines
  • Delicious and A-grade food
  • Ability to handle huge number of guests
  • Reliability
  • Customizations available

Why should people choose our wedding catering services?

At Progressive Caterer, our wedding catering services in Kolkata bears a record of providing amazing catering services at top notch events and ceremonies. Following are the reasons why people prefer to choose us over any other catering services:

  • Past Records: The best way to judge the credibility of our wedding catering services in Kolkata is to have a look at our past records of service. We are in the hospitality industry for a considerable time. Over the years, we have catered to the requirement of a lot of clients. And their feedbacks and testimonials eventually reflect our uncompromising quality of work.
  • Robust Team: At Progressive caterer, we are backed with a team of chef and service personnel who are expertized at their work. We recruit our team members from renowned hotel management institutes. So, needless to mention that our team members are well mannered, well groomed and bears strong sense of etiquette. Also our chefs are experienced in the relevant sector to craft amazing culinary delights. 
  • Wide Range of Cuisines:   Our wedding catering services in Kolkata provides a wide range of cuisines to cater to the taste and palate of the invited guests. From traditional Indian cuisines to continental, oriental, Chinese and so on, we get you covered with a wide range and variety of cuisine that makes the grand event exclusively delectable.
  • Quality Guaranteed: At Progressive Caterer, we procure the freshest raw materials for cooking purposes. Also our wedding catering services in Kolkata ensures that the quality of food we serve is unmatched and unbeatable, in comparison to any other catering services in Kolkata. 
  • Seamless Service: No matter what is the number of guests invited, we at Progressive caterer provide undivided attention to all your guests. We always ensure that each of your guests are treated and served well with all the nitti gritties. Our team of wedding caterers in Kolkata bears excellent record in this particular segment.  
  • Affordable Price: Hiring a good wedding caterer is no more synonymous to shelling out a bomb. At progressive caterer our rates and packages come at an absolutely affordable and attractive price. You can easily select your package as per your budget and requirement.
  • Customizations Available: At Progressive Caterer, we understand the fact that not always a readymade package can fit in to what exactly the client is looking for. And an exclusive feature of our wedding catering services in Kolkata includes tailor made customized solutions to meet exactly what the client is looking for. We also have special add on features like Mocktail Counter, Phuchka/Golgappa stalls and so on.

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