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At a wedding ceremony, there are several invites who attend the event from far off destinations. And often the distant relatives and guests need a stay over for the night. At Progressive Caterer, we are tied up with several Kolkata accommodation services, to ensure a smooth, pleasant and comfortable stay for your guests.

Let your guests stay relaxed with our wedding guest accommodations

At Progressive Caterers, we have collaborations with handpicked hotels and home stays, providing quality wedding guest accommodations. Our stay venues are equipped with needful amenities. Also we have stay accommodations ranging from various prices, so as to let you select according to your budget.

What makes our wedding guest accommodations exclusive?

Whenever there are a lot of out-of-towners attending a wedding ceremony, it is important to look for wedding guest accommodations. At Progressive Caterer, we are an acclaimed name of wedding catering service, but at the same time facilitate to provide guest accommodations as well. And perhaps that’s what makes us a complete one stop solution for catering and accommodation services.

The key features of our wedding guest accommodations includes:

  • Locational Advantage
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Confirmed availability of rooms
  • Family Accommodation Facilities
  • Rooms equipped with Amenities

What are the benefits of our wedding guest accommodation services?

At Progressive Caterer, we provide accommodation to the wedding guests for a pleasant and comfortable stay.  The benefits of availing our accommodation services include:

  • Location: At any wedding ceremony, the location of the guest accommodation venue must be near the event venue for easy accessibility. At Progressive Caterer, our wedding guest accommodations are always kept in close proximity to the event venue, so as to ensure that the guests can attend the event seamlessly at any point of time.
  • Pricing: The hotels and guest houses that we have collaborated with comes at a variety of rates and prices. So you can select your accommodation facilities as per your budget and requirement accordingly.
  • Transport & Connectivity: The wedding guest accommodations that we provide is always ensured from our end to be at areas with great connectivity. We always ensure that there is enough availability of transport to connect and commute easily to the wedding venue.
  • Confirmed Availability: No matter at what time or season of the year you need our guest accommodation services, the availability of rooms are confirmed. All you need is to reach us and submit your requirements. From our end we will definitely cover up all your needs and allot each of your guests a safe, seamless and comfortable stay.
  • Family Accommodation: At Progressive Caterer, our guest accommodation services take special care about families. We do understand that every family needs a space and a private corner to settle for a comfortable and pleasant stay. We make special accommodations for the families so as to allot them specialized rooms with required amenities.
  • Amenities: Our guest accommodation services deals with rooms that are equipped with modern day amenities. So it is ensured completely that the guests residing in the rooms will enjoy their stay and get the benefits of enjoying all the facilities, without any glitch or hassle.

So it clearly reflects the picture of how it is beneficial for the end users to avail our Kolkata accommodation services for the guests invited in a wedding ceremony. And at Progressive Caterer, we assure to have a seamless experience with us, with our prompt assistance and apt service.

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