Get healthy and tasty food with home delivery food service in Kolkata

home delivery food service kolkata

Staying away from home? Need home cooked food? Think no more and give us a go! At Progressive Caterer, our home delivery food service in Kolkata get healthy and tasty home cooked food at your doorstep.

Save your budget on fooding with our home delivery food in Kolkata

Relocating out of town is quite common now a days for employment purposes. And a major concern that crops in between is to get healthy food. And thus, at Progressive Caterer, our home delivery food in Kolkata is a one stop solution for healthy home cooked food.

Eating out on a daily basis is not only unhealthy, but at the same time makes a hole in the pocket. Again, people working in private sectors hardly can afford time to cook for themselves. Under such circumstance, our food delivery service provides tasty & healthy home cooked food at a much reasonable rates. So it eventually saves time and unnecessary expenses on food, and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why our home food delivery services are exclusive?

At Progressive Caterer, our home delivery food in Kolkata is different in its own way. In fact, it is easy to find several home delivery services around the nook and corner of the city. But when it comes to food, it is extremely important to select the right delivery service to ensure proper health and hygiene.
The key features that makes our home food delivery services exclusive can be briefed as:

  • Three meals included
  • On time delivery
  • 100% Hygienic
  • Fresh and tasty meals
  • Choice of Veg & Non Veg
  • Options for diet & low spice
  • Affordable Price
  • Monthly Package
  • Special offers on Festive Season
  • Customizations available

What are the benefits of choosing our food delivery services?

At Progressive Caterers, our service of home delivery food in Kolkata are acclaimed and praised amongst its patrons for various benefits. To highlight a glimpse of the same, it can be briefed as:

  • Thrice a day: At Progressive Caterers, our home delivery food in Kolkata provides three square meals a day which are- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
    So, you can easily get rid of taking up the effort of cooking or depending on fast food options. Get home cooked meals at any time of the day.
  • Timely Delivery: Once you order food with us, we ensure you to get it delivered right on time. So at Progressive Caterers, you can simply order what you want. Our service of home delivery food in Kolkata,
    get delicious food right at your doorstep and right on time.
  • Hygiene: An essential component of our food delivery service is the hygiene we maintain. The meals we provide are cooked in a 100% hygienic place. So eat healthy and safe with us, and order to get delicious home cooked food.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: The food we prepare are made from fresh ingredients that are procured from the market on a daily basis. And the cooked food that we deliver is piping hot and freshly cooked. So freshness is guaranteed with our home delivery food service in Kolkata. No chance of getting stale or left over food, once you choose Progressive Caterers.
  • Special Monthly Package: Our home delivery service comes with special monthly package. If you avail our service on a monthly basis, we get you the same at attractive reduced price. So, being a regular patron, you can additionally cut down your cost of fooding and save extra bucks.
  • Choice of offerings: At Progressive Caterer, our service of home delivery food in Kolkata offer you to select from a variety of combo offers and dishes. Also there are provisions to select from vegetarian and non -vegetarian options as per your need and food habits.
  • Special Instructions: We do understand the fact that requirements vary from person to person. Not every patron bears the same heat tolerance, or may be allergetic to certain food. Also, those who are on a diet restriction may need to cut down on spices and calories. We do entertain such special instructions, and cater to the same with our food delivery services.
  • Customizations Available:  At Progressive Caterer, our service of home delivery food in Kolkata also comes with the option of customizations. So you can easily customize your combination of food, the way you want, as per your budget and needs. 

Thus, by availing our home delivery food service in Kolkata, you can easily save a lot on your expense for food, and get delicious home cooked meal right at your doorstep with your tasty food.

Give us a try, and we are sure you will love it.

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