Get seamless lunch benefits with our corporate catering services in Kolkata

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At Progressive Caterer, we provide all sort of office and corporate catering services in Kolkata. So, getting a smooth and seamless lunch service at your office is no more a hassle. We are here to get you covered.

Get healthy and tasty lunch at office with our office catering in Kolkata

Every working professional out there will understand the hassle of getting a good & healthy lunch at an affordable price. Even if there is a canteen, often the food turns out to be unhealthy and tasteless. However, with our office catering in Kolkata, we at Progressive caterer can provide seamless solution for office and corporate lunch and tiffin scenes.

At Progressive Caterer, our office lunch catering services is destined to provide healthy and tasty food for lunch and tiffin at an affordable and reasonable price. So, it eventually helps to maintain a healthy eating habit, and save on your food bill by cutting down the expenses of eating out.

Why should organizations opt for our office catering in Kolkata?

At Progressive Caterer, our office catering in Kolkata bears a long standing credibility and trust of providing the best service in several organizations. Over the time, we have tied up with several government and private sector organizations in providing office lunch catering and tiffin services. Our performance speaks for the uncompromising quality of food and service we provide to the relevant sectors.

The key reasons that marks us exclusive can be briefed as:

  • Reasonable price
  • Healthy and tasty food
  • Freshness guaranteed
  • A-Grade raw materials
  • Veg & Non Veg options
  • Rotational variation in dishes
  • Tea & Tiffin services available
  • Multiple cuisine types  

What are the benefits of availing our corporate catering services?

At Progressive Caterers, our corporate and office catering in Kolkata is acclaimed and chosen by many for the benefits we offer. In fact there are several catering services in town that provides the same service. But it is the uncompromised quality of food and service that makes us class apart.

The key benefits of availing our corporate catering services include:

  • Long Term Patronage: Progressive Caterer, bears a consistent past record of working with various corporate offices and government organizations. And even today, our corporate lunch catering services are well acclaimed by several renowned organizations, who eventually happens to be our loyal patrons.
  • Finest Quality: The food we prepare are made from finest quality A-grade raw materials. At Progressive Caterer, our office catering in Kolkata never ever compromise with the quality of food. And that’s what makes us exclusive amongst the mass.
  • Freshness Assured: Progressive Caterer always take immense pleasure to serve you piping hot and fresh food with our office catering in Kolkata. We never recirculate any leftover or stale food to our patrons.
  • Pricing: Our meals are absolutely reasonable in price. Hence it cuts down the expense for food. So having a healthy and tasty lunch never let you bore a hole in your pocket. Progressive caterer takes complete care of that.
  • Choice & Variations: Our office catering in Kolkata offers you to choose from veg and non-veg options as per the taste and food habit of the patrons. Also we keep the variety of dishes on a rotational basis all through the week to prevent monotony. In certain cases, we also keep variation in cuisine types, such as- Indian, Chinese, Continental, Oriental and so on. 
  • Tea, Snacks and Tiffin: At Progressive caterer, our office catering in Kolkata also includes provision for tea, snacks and tiffin as well. This added benefit facilitates to satiate the cravings of the fellow employees during the refreshment breaks and sudden hunger problems.

So, with our corporate catering services in Kolkata, we indeed mark ourselves as a cut above the rest, in providing seamless service. Our quality and patronage, indeed creates a benchmark of our own, in providing seamless catering services to offices and corporate hubs.

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